If you want to avoid medication and medical procedures, there may be options to improve your health through medically proven lifestyle changes, such as yoga, meditation and realistic dietary recommendations. For example, for more than 20 years, we have known that yoga reverses heart disease. And yoga not only reduces the number of medications, procedures… [Continue Reading]



What makes us different is our ability to integrate the best of conventional western medicine practices with the often overlooked, yet medically proven non-traditional practices, such as yoga, meditation, and realistic dietary recommendations. We recognize that what is often ignored are simple fixes such as dietary and lifestyle practices that are medically proven to be… [Continue Reading]



State of the art does not mean just the latest in surgery, stent, valve or medical technology. To us, at HHV, state of the art means that we practice according to what the literature and our experience are telling us. We pride ourselves on the ability to see and explain the difference so you can… [Continue Reading]


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